Build a new map in VIA

In this section, we’ll learn how to create a new map yourself and drive autonomously on that map in the VIA simulator.

At the opening interface of the simulator, select Design Map.

The map design interface can be divided into 4 main parts as shown below:

  • (1) Customize the background of the map (ground or grass)
  • (2) Pre-designed roadway simulation blocks. We can drag and drop these blocks and combine them to form the complete map we want
  • (3) Basic command buttons
    • Rotate (shortcut R): rotate the blocks
    • Erase (shortcut E): delete a certain block
    • Clear: delete all blocks
    • Car: choose the departure location of the car on the map (after the design is complete)
    • Save map, Load map: save the current map or open a saved map
    • GO: start driving

(4): design space: we will drag and drop blocks here

I will try to create a map like the following image by dragging and dropping and joining the road blocks together. After pairing is complete, I press the Car button and put the car in the position where I want to start.

After designing, I choose Save map, enter the map name and select OK to save the map.

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